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         Global population increases by 2.5 people per second Per minute: 150 people Per day: 216,000 people Per Year: 78 million people According to global statistics, the world population on earth increases by 2.5 people every second. This increase appears to be extraordinary. It implies per minute: 150 people. However, this number is both commonly misunderstood and misinterpreted in articles and discussions as it does not imply 2.5 new born people in every second. Rather, 4.3 people are born on average in every second while 1.8 die in the same time. In a whole, this implies an increase in the global population of 2.5 people per second (4.3 born people minus 1.8 dead people equals 2.5). Extrapolated, these numbers imply a number of 137 million people who are born in every year on a global level whilst 58 million people die in the same period of time.
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     Over 9 Billion People By 2050 The onholding demographic change is one of the central issues within the 21st century and therefore, adressed by several political reforms. In order to make senseful reforms, one has to ask in what way the global population will change over time and what increase in the global population can be expected. Until 2050, the United Nations expect the number of global population to increase both further and in a dramatical way. Today's number of around 7.238 billion people in 2014 is supposed to reach a number of 9.683 billion people in 2050, likely causing new challenges for the international community.
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