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Produced TESLA Model S+X

Tesla's Model S is being sold since the beginning of 2012. Up until 2017, about 287,000 Tesla Model S and X cars have found new owners.

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  Supercharger worldwide

The company offers free fast recharging of the Model S PERFORMANCE battery packs - worldwide. With its supercharger concept, Tesla is planning to build a vast network for fast recharging of up to 50% of the charging capability in about twenty minutes. In August 2014, drivers of Model S electric cars are able to charge their cars at one of 57 stations all over Europe, while Tesla is hoping to increase US/Canada-coverage from 80% to 98%.
            This is how the counter calculates:   Sold Model S cars in the year 2012: 2,700 pieces and in the year 2013: 22,380 pieces. According to Tesla, in the first quarter of 2014 6,457 Model S have been sold. In the second quarter: 7,800 pieces. The counters calculate with 20,743 for the second half year, this equals Tesla's expectations (35,000 sold Model S in 2014 and 50,000 in 2015). TESLA sold over 100,000 cars in 2017. In the year 2018, a new Tesla Model S/X and Model 3 rolls off the line on average every 2.5 minutes.
TESLA Model S Electric Vehicle Palo-Alto based Tesla Motors Inc. produces and sells electric cars as well as powertrain elements. Model S is an electric vehicle, manufactured by Tesla since 2012. There are three different battery pack models available for the car: the 60 kWh and 85kWh batteries and also the 85 kWh PERFORMANCE. Tesla's Model S cars are developed for a top speed of up to 130 mph (210 km/h), whilst prices range from US$ 68,000 for the 60kWh model to US$ 87.000 for the 85 kWh PERFORMANCE.
             Battery Technologie The progress in battery technology will most likely consist of longer-lasting, high power and light lithium-air batteries in the future. In the long run, new technology and lower prices might advance electric vehicles sales, supporting a comprehensive supply of charging stations - eventually establishing electric cars as mainstream cars. The genius idea being: it's possible to use them in laptops and other devices. Plus, if Tesla achieves its ambition to become the biggest battery manufacturer in the world, the sale of batteries might become an additional economic mainstay of the Tesla stock company.
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TESLA Sales Figures Sold Model S und X: 2012: 2,700 2013: 22,380 2014 Q1: 6,457 2014 Q2: 7,800 2014 Q3: 7,785 2014 Q4: 9,608 2015 Q1: 10,030 2015 Q2: 11,507 2015 Q3: 11,643 2015 Q4: 17,400 2016 Q1: 14,820 2016 Q2: 14,370 2016 Q3: 24,500 2016 Q4: 24,882 2017 Q1: 25,051 2017 Q2: 22,014 2017 Q3: 25,915 2017 Q4: 28,320 2018 Q1: 24,728 +  9,766 Model 3 2018 Q2: 24,761 +28,578 Model 3 2018 Q3: 25,161 +25.150 Model 3  
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