Worldwide Solar Cells  Installed Output and Increase
    Worldwide installed solar-cells The counter values are based on an installed output of 400,000 megawatts at the start of 2019 coming from an area of solar-cells of circa 3000 square kilometers. Peak output by the end of 2015: 252,000 megawatts. In 2018 4th quarter alone 85,000 megawatts worth were installed worldwide. The estimated peak output per square meter of solar-cells on average is 130 watts, that means that for the beginning of 2013 with a starting peak value of 110 gigawatts, around 848 square kilometers of photo-voltaic panels were installed. The increase amounts to 15.6 square meters per second or 2.028 kilowatts of electric energy.
Worldwide Installed Photo-Voltaic Area in m2:
Live increase in m2:
Peak output of all modules in MW:
Live increase of peak output in KW:
Worldwide continuous output in Megawatts: Live increase of continuos output in Kilowatts:   This counter shows the effective average output. This accounts for circa 9.5-11% of the worldwide peak output. The counter calculates a realistic value of 10%.
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... A Cleaner Future Photo-voltaic panels were invented due to human ingenuity and a driver for cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. One abundant energy source is sun light. As with any new technology, their efficiency was low and their costs were high. However, everything is getting exponentially better and cheaper. Currently, the highest efficiency is 46% and growing. Meanwhile, the costs are getting lower such that in more and more areas of the world it is cheaper than retail electricity. This means that solar energy is overtaking fossil fuel energy not only from a green perspective, but as a more convenient, more profitable alternative.