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                            SILVER Unlike gold, which is for the most part hoarded and kept safe, silver is often found being used in industrial processes. This is mainly due to silver's properties, which are not found in gold or any other elements. These include: The highest thermal conductivity of all the elements and the lowest electrical resistance of all the elements. Silver also is the best reflector of light, so thin mirrors are coated with silver! Every second, when another car is produced another ounce of silver rolls out on our streets as silver is used in car production (see cars). Silver can be found in every computer, every mobile phone and every smartphone. A rarely recycled mobile device like a cell phone contains about 0.15 to 0.17 grams of silver. The photovoltaic industry uses silver more and more with increasing solar cell production and future technologies such as RFID tags, which contain about 10 milligrams of silver per unit are required in large numbers.
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                 Silver As An Investment Many people are interested in buying silver as an investment but anyone buying silver can be sure of one thing: The market will fluctuate, and indeed it is much more volatile than that of gold. Many factors influence the price of silver. Only about a quarter of silver is actually taken from pure silver mines, most of it is produced as a by- product in the usage of other metals such as copper. When world economic output increases, the more silver is needed, which drives up its price. On the other hand, more copper is also needed and produced which in turns produces more silver as a "waste" product. All in all, despite being volatile, silver is a strong investment. It is interesting to note that although silver is more commonly found in the earth's crust than gold in it's pure form, it is rarer than gold. Currently, about 25,500 tons of silver are used per year which is equivalent to about 820 million ounces. This means that if every person on earth wanted to buy just one silver coin, on average, the silver producers would, within only 9 years, have used the entire stock of silver bullion to produce coins! As silver is an industrial metal, there has never been a ban on silver whereas in almost all major wars the ownership of gold was a punishable offence.
        An Ounce Of Silver Most silver coins such as the Austrian Silver Philharmonic, or the Canadian Maple Leaf weigh an ounce.     One ounce equals 31.1g.
(26 Ounces/sec)
Live Usage In Cubic Decimetres: (Roughly equivalent to silver bars in the size of 1 litre milk cartons.)
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