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More than one billion bottles bottled per year  Scotch Whisky
SCOTCH WHISKY   Scotch whisky is certainly one of the most famous and most popular spirits in the world. Among the most famous regions in which these noble drops are produced include Lowlands, Highlands, Speyside, Islands, and Isly. There are approximately 100 active distilleries in Scotland and surrounding areas. The best spring water from nearby sources is used almost exclusively by distillers. The production of whisky is a tedious affair. In principle, barley is simply fermented, and after a few firings there is a clear liquor with high 65-70% alcohol. This is necessary because the storage in oak barrels causes an evaporation of alcohol over the years. Through this storage, the liquid takes on substances and flavours from the barrel and also from the ambient air. The barrels "breathe". Therefore, the storage is also often found in natural seashore regions. The longer a whisky is stored, the stronger and darker it is. And of course more expensive. The Counter estimates that 1.19 billion bottles per year are exported.
If the whisky is 15 years old, then it means that: The whisky is outsourced by the burning process for 15 years in oak barrels, before being bottled. It does not matter how long it remains in the layered bottle for, because the taste will remain unchanged.
Space Whisky: The Ardbeg Galileo was the first whisky to fly in space. On the ISS, it was kept together with the oak to test maturation.
Whisky as an investment! Where else can you get more than 40 percent? Some bottles rise in value; see Ardbeg Galileo, which within almost 2 years doubled in price, or remained the same with inflation. Very expensively bought bottles are better only if you extensively involve the "Water of Life".
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