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Our counting system's estimate is that there were 37,300 McDonalds restaurants in the world in early 2018. 1,600 new restaurants are added to this number every year. McDonalds Corporation is planning to construct 1,600 of these new restaurants from scratch in 2019. On top of that 1,000 existing restaurants are scheduled for refurbishment. Our counting systems algorithms assume that revenue and number of employees rise in straight proportion to the number of restaurants. Our assumption for "Consumed Meals" is one meal per guest on average.
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Mc Donalds Corporation Mc Donalds Corporation In the 1990ies McDonalds grew by 2000 restaurants per year. The turnover between the years 2000 and 2012 has more than doubled from US$ 13 billion to US$ 27.2 billion. And it is still growing: In 2013 McDonalds Corporation logged revenues of a whopping US$ 28.1 billion. About 60 million customers enter a McDonalds restaurant somewhere in the world every day! On average this means 700 persons per second. McDonalds Corporation is planning to open 1,600 new restaurants in 2019 (30 per week)
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