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           Future Perspective When asking the two big air plane manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, about their expectations for the upcoming years, both are very optimistic. Airbus expects that twenty years from now almost 30.000 air planes will be operating. Boeing predicts, that by the same time, 35.000 planes will be required to fulfil the demand. Compared to the current situation this would mean a doubling in the number of air planes.
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  Worldwide Air Traffic in Numbers In this article we will present an overview of air traffic volume around the world. When summarising air traffic it is a good practice to differentiate, on one hand, between domestic and international flights, and on the other hand, between passenger and cargo transport.          Passenger Transport In 2012, almost 3 billion passenger tickets were sold for a flight with one of the 17.000 planes that are currently operating. More than two third of these tickets concerned international flights, where departure and destination airport are located in two different countries. For fifty percent of the passengers at least one of the airports was located in Europe. Within a year, the amount of passengers is far from stable: during the summer months passenger volume is 25% higher than during the winter period. Air traffic can also be represented in terms of passenger-kilometres (PK), i.e. the overall distance that individual passengers have been carried. By calculating air traffic this way, more weight is given to flights covering a longer distance. Then, all international flights summed up to about 3.5 trillion PK, and domestic flights to about 2 trillion PK per year. An average of twenty percent of the chairs remained empty, regardless of the type of flight.
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                    Cargo Transport In air fright traffic, international flights contribute a much higher share to the total amount than they do in passenger transport. Over the year 2012, 30-40 million tons of goods have been transported by air. As we did for passenger transport, we can represent fright traffic in freight- kilometres (FK), with freight measured in metric tons. The overall air fright volume summed up to 180 billion FK, of which more than 150 billion FK were international flights, leaving about 17% for domestic cargo flights. The load factor in cargo transport tends to be around 50%. Here it needs to be considered that the load factor is calculated as percentage of the actual load relative to the weight a cargo plane is allowed to carry. Therefore, if a plane's is full of goods that are large in volume without being heavy, even a full plane may not reach a load factor of 100%.
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