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  Global leader in paper production The International Paper Company ( IP) is the leading producer in pulp and paper not only in the US but worldwide. IP was founded in 1898 and is seated in Memphis, Tennessee. It has more than 70,000 staff and branches in 24 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. More freesheets than needed The international paper market is featured by overproduction. Thanks to the PC, offices use less graphic paper. In 2013, International Paper’s sales volume was 5,303 thousand of tons of printing paper. That was 168 kg paper per second, i.e. 120,112 A4 sheets per second, presumed the production had run 365 days and nights, uninterruptedly. They equal 7,491 square metres of freesheets produced per second. That responds an area of 64 metres width and 117 metres length. Questioning sustainability Even though paper is a renewable material, its production is not really sustainable yet. The wood fibre for paper manufacturing comes from forest-harvested trees, i.e. 11% of the global forests. The paper industry is the leader in using water and energy and takes the third rank in CO 2 emission.
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The biggest paper factory of the USA The biggest paper factory of the USA
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