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YouTube - Numbers to the success story In February 2005 a website phenomenon named YouTube appeared on the internet. As a webpage that allowed amateurs, as well as professional artists to easily upload and manage content, YouTube rapidly grew in popularity and size. The demand for a site hosting videos was so high, that in less than a year after its launch, YouTube already boasted 8 million views per day. Today YouTube is available in 61 different languages, across 56 countries. Due to its mobile site, allowing users to upload and view content from almost everywhere, YouTube has enjoyed a huge surge in recognition and fame. Each month over six billion hours of videos are watched on YouTube doubling the amount of the preceding year. By March 2010, 24 hours of video material were uploaded each minute, this being 4 hours more than the previous year. 2015: Every single minute 300 hours of video content are uploaded to the website, meaning that the uploads of one single day can keep you busy watching videos for approximately three weeks straight. YouTube truly is one of the most explosive internet websites in existence, becoming the third most popular webpage (according to in under ten years time. Its numbers have been consistently rising since its birth in 2005 and are expected to climb even further. YouTube is, without a doubt, a website with numbers to be watched.
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