Seconds remaining until the End of the world:
Easter Sunday 2036 On the evening of Easter Sunday on 13.04.2036, the planetoid (Asteroid) Apophis is expected to approach the Earth to within 30,000 kilometres, which is very close in cosmic dimensions. (The Moon is more than 12 times as far away from the Earth) As early as 2029, Apophis will pass the Earth and be deflected by it.Therefore, a precise orbit calculation is not possible.In the worst case, if it crosses the Earth's orbit again 7 years later, it could hit it. With a diameter of about 300 metres, an impact on Earth would have devastating consequences. In any case, the asteroid will be visible to the naked eye in the night sky, Apophis will come closer to Earth than geostationary satellites, which orbit at an altitude of 36,000 kilometres.
Impact Certain Large impacts of asteroids or comets with a diameter of 10 kilometres or more have occurred time and again in Earth's history.The question is not whether a large asteroid impact will occur, but when. The impact of such a "planet killer" would result in the extinction of all higher life on Earth, and evolution would have to start all over again.But even smaller asteroids with a diameter of 100 metres, which hit Earth on average every 1200 years, have devastating consequences for large parts of the area around the impact. The energy released by such a projectile is equivalent to that of a hydrogen bomb with an explosive force of 50 million tonnes of TNT. This is why many scientists around the world are calling for the construction of an asteroid defence system.The sooner scientists can predict an impact, the less energy we would have to expend to deflect the asteroid from its path. This could be achieved with a probe that docks with the asteroid.Using small thrusters, a small change in path would steer the object past the Earth and avert the catastrophe. and avert the catastrophe. For less than a dollar/euro per Earth citizen, a system could be developed to detect all dangerous chunks.
No Fear We would like to point out that the world will certainly not end after the counter expires, even if the asteroid hits the Earth. However, the next big impact can also happen tomorrow. With this page, we want to draw attention to how real the danger of an impact by an extraterrestrial object is. We are in favour of a defence system that would cost humanity very little and, if the worst came to the worst, would save the lives of thousands, millions or even billions of people. The next big impact is only a matter of time! But we are confident that we will wipe ourselves out before then. See rising world population and coal consumption on the left.
OTHER CAUSE WHICH COULD MEAN THE END OF HUMANITY Solar Storm: A strong solar storm could destroy technology on Earth and have a serious impact on human life. When the sun triggers such a storm, the resulting particles are shot through space and can arrive at Earth. When this happens, the particles can cause satellites and other parts in space to be damaged or even destroyed. A strong solar storm can also have a massive impact on the power grid. When the particles from the sun reach the Earth's atmosphere, they can damage the power grid and cause the entire electrical supply to come to a standstill. This can lead to serious consequences for humanity, as people rely on the power grid to provide a variety of services and products. There are many different ways in which a strong solar storm could affect humanity. This could cause communications to be disrupted as many radios depend on the power grid to function. The economy can also be affected by such a storm, as many companies do their business over the internet. If the internet goes down, many businesses will not be able to operate. A strong solar storm can also lead to serious consequences for the environment. This can cause the climate to change and severe storms to occur, which can lead to flooding and other natural disasters. It is important that people are informed about the dangers of a strong solar storm and know what to do to protect themselves from the possible consequences. It is important that governments and scientists study the effects of such a storm on humanity and the environment so that people are prepared for the possible consequences. With the right preparation, people can minimise the impact of such a storm and protect themselves from the severe consequences. A Global Power Blackout Would Send Humanity Into The Stone Age A worldwide power blackout triggered by a strong solar flare would be a catastrophe that would plunge the entire human race into chaos. Without electricity, there can be no work. Agriculture, industry, transport - everything would come to a standstill. The lack of electricity would lead to a huge increase in hunger, as people would no longer be able to produce the food they need. Currently, it is a simple task to generate electricity, but without electricity everything would collapse. Transport, agriculture and all the industries we need for survival would come to a halt. People living in simple conditions have the greatest chance of survival. primitive peoples would probably not even notice the power cut, while the people in the industrialised nations would all starve to death, except for a small remnant. Whereas in the past there were several farmers in every village, today there are only a few. And they depend on technology, fertiliser and electricity. The supply of food would totally collapse.