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Elvis Presley`s Income
             Elvis Presley - King of Rock   Born in Mississippi on January 8th, 1935, Elvis Presley is the undisputed king of rock and roll. Taking influences from pop, country and gospel music, Presley burst onto the scene in the mid-1950s and changed the face of popular and modern music overnight. Songs like Blue Suede Shoes, Suspicious Minds, Always on My Mind, Return to Sender and countless others are just as popular today as they were upon initial release more than fifty years ago, and the king is still very much on his throne to this day. Presley also starred in thirty three successful motion pictures, marking a multi-talented and diverse career than came to an end with his untimely death at his Graceland home on August 16th 1977. He was only 42 years old.
                     Elvis Presleys Income           How much did Elvis Presley earn?   So how much did Elvis Presley make? Across the course of his career both before and after his death, Elvis Presley is believed to have amassed a fortune of more than $300 million dollars. During his lifetime, some particularly successful years included 1957, when Elvis Presley earned $4.5 million dollars for selling three million copies of his Elvis' Christmas Album, 1967 when he made $5 million dollars from his How Great Thou Art album and 1971 when he made $4 million dollars from another festive album, Elvis Sings The Wonderful World of Christmas. Quite stunningly, Elvis Presley is one historical celebrity whose fortune has gone from strength to strength since the day of his death. Presley's estate has made more money since his passing that he ever made whilst alive, since 2002, for example, his annual earnings have always been in excess of $35 million dollars per year. From $40 million dollars in 2003 to $55 million dollars in 2015, the love for Elvis and desire to keep paying for his work is clear for everyone to see. If Presley's fortune continues to grow at the same rate, then his estate will keep collection an average of $150,000 dollars per day! The counter on this page show just how much Elvis Presley's income has risen since you started reading!
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Although he is famous for his jet-black locks, Elvis actually has naturally brown hair. He died his hair early on in his career because he thought that the jet-black look made him stand out more from the crowd.
In 1947, a local radio station offered Elvis the chance to sing a song that would go live over the airwaves of across his home city, but as he was just eleven years old at the time, he was too shy to take up the offer and turned it down!
At age 18, Elvis recorded and pressed his very first musical record. It cost him $4 to make, and the only reason he did it was a gift for his mother at a local recording studio where anyone could pay to record a song.
Elvis purchased his very first guitar when he was only eleven years old. He originally wanted to be gifted a rifle to fit in with the other boys his age in his neighbourhood, but his mother convinced him to buy a guitar instead and the rest is history.
Elvis recorded his first official song, That's All Right, in 1954. A local radio DJ picked up the record one day and played it and loved it so much that he went on to play it a further thirteen times that same day. The station listeners refused to believe that the song was being performed by a white man!
Elvis made a famous television appearance in 1956 in which the host Milton Berle advised him to perform without his guitar so the audience could see him better. He proceeded to make his trademark hip dancing movement and caused outrage among some viewers, afterwards being nicknamed Elvis The Pelvis.
Elvis only ever performed outside of the United States five times, on a three-day tour of Canada in 1957. There are rumours that the reason for this is because his long-time manager Colonel Tom Parker was an illegal immigrant, and therefore could not apply for a passport.
Elvis is distantly related to two former Presidents of the United States. The first is Abraham Lincoln and the second is Jimmy Carter.
Elvis was drafted in to the US Army in 1957, and during this time he was only able to spend his government salary of $78 dollars per month. While he was away, his music generated a fortune of $400,000.
Over the course of his lifetime and career, Elvis recorded more than 600 different songs. The interesting twist is that out of all these popular songs, Elvis himself did not actually write any of them.
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