AUSTRIA DEBT CLOCK (EURO):
Each citizen's share of this debt is:
And Higher And Higher...
                         The debt of Austria   Austria is the home of the traditional ski-sports. A magnet to tourists and winter lovers, this country offers many sights and a beautiful nature. Unique for it's culuture and wildlife, this perl of mother nature is a nice place to be at. Though, it's debt is rising and there's no end in sight. With a current debt of roughly Euro, it's still doing good compared to it's european neighbours. Currently, every citizen carries a burden of around 31.000 Euro by birthright, giving the country no bright future if things don't change. Questionably the clock is ever going to stop running, let alone turning backwards. Austria's big credit costs it a stunning Euro interest per year, making it very unlikely for the country to ever make it to reduce their debt to 0. This means that every citizen gets a good 1.100 Euro new debt onto their account, each year, by default. Yet, it can still afford to lower their taxes and monthly costs for their people. It's just another part of the economy crisis that still hasn't fully vanished from the markets, being mirrored by the massive problems within the European Union with it's Euro currency. Many countries are in deep debt, some don't have the liquidicity to pay it off by themselves, needing help from other EU- members, whose are already struggling themselves. If things don't change quickly, the euro is going to run into a big crash that will have effects on the worldwide economy. Politics must find a way to stop this debt-spiral that is pulling us further into it.
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