Help to improve Live-Counter.com!

You’ve noticed that a counter is no longer up to date?
Do you have a source for the latest figures on the size of Youtube, the public debt of a country, or of another topic of Live-Counter.com?
Then bring it on!
Please write which Live-Counter your information concerns, and give the source of your data.
You’ll be helping us to always keep our Live-extrapolations as up to date as possible!
Please no data about, “Bill Gates’ fortune;” this will be updated annually!
Or do you have an idea for an interesting new Live-Counter site?
Then post it here! (No registration required)
We are excited about every tip!


6 thoughts on “Help to improve Live-Counter.com!

  1. Emerson

    The below text should say “every fifteen years…”, not “every five years…”
    “That means that every five years your assets double, this gives:”

  2. Frederik

    Könntet ihr einen Live-Counter über unsere Fabrik machen? Wir produzieren 15 Millionen Kerzen jedes Jahr.


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