TESLA Cars Produced

TESLA Cars Produced:

Live Produced Batteries (Typ 18650):



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4 thoughts on “TESLA Cars Produced

  1. eMobilSpeed

    Guys, let’s rock the counter for Model 3!
    I’m so happy, it’s slowly starting with the deliveries.
    Hope that TESLA will soon overcome the problems with mass production!
    500,000 cars a year. And that’s just the beginning!
    The batteries are then also mass-produced, and therefore cheaper!

  2. eMobilSpeed

    The beautiful thing is that TESLA has installed a parking heater as standard.
    And you don’t have to be afraid that the battery is empty in the morning.
    With 2 kWH you heat the whole car warm and cosy!
    And an electric parking heater is easy to design!
    Hardly ever breaks!

  3. Elon Musk

    We should donate money to Elon Musk, he’s advancing the world!
    Imagine that the United States would donate a tenth of its military expenditure to him! The earth would become a paradise!


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