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Crown Corks Produced Worldwide
The crown cork was first invented 1892 in Baltimore by William Painter. It is used to hermetically seal a bottle. Nowadays crown corks not only feed the purpose of sealing a bottle - they are collected, played with and even used in famous art works. Usually crown corks are made from aluminium but there is always the problem how to keep the gas in a bottle of beer after it is opened but for these cases there are also crown corks made from silicone that can be put in the dishwasher after they were used. If adding up the numbers it's incredible how many crown corks are produced worldwide, used and thrown away. Even though people were asking if this could be a risk for the environment the good news is that they are recyclable. Every year more than 1.25 trillion crown corks are produced on this planet which means over 3.4 billion a day. One crown cork weighs roughly 2 grams so the weight comes to 2.5 million metric tons of crown corks a year. This is an unimaginable number.
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